When you are looking to purchase drilling equipment for your business often it is better to purchase products that are designed and manufactured in Australia, as many of the businesses have had years of drilling industry experience in some of the harshest climates on earth.

Many suppliers such as Harlsan Industries which is a drilling equipment manufacturer, have their production facilities located close to mining locations such as Kalgoorlie and Perth in Western Australia, this allows them to get direct feedback from their customers to ensure they are producing the highest quality products. They are also able to customise products to suit their customers’ requirements. Having workshops located close to major mining locations also reduces the transportation costs and increases the speed of supply.

To ensure customers get the very highest quality, Harlsan’s drilling equipment is produced by the latest robot welding technology with welds independently tested and certified to exceed welding standards AS3992.

Harlsan Industries is an Australian owned and operated business with a reputation for providing technical excellence and friendly customer service. By supporting Australian companies also ensure that you are investing back into the local economy which is vitally important after the COVID-19 disruptions.

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