RC Drilling INLOK™ Drill Rods

A breakthrough RC drill rod design that combines safe handling for inner tubes with a leap forward in reverse circulation drill pipe performance.

INLOK™ RC Drill Rods

Any driller who has used a sledgehammer to manually remove a collapsed Inner Tube from an RC drill rod or pipe will know how unsafe it can be. The whole procedure is inefficient and involves injury risk from the associated manual handling. The Harlsan RC Drilling INLOK™ product range provides a safe and controlled solution to these problems.

The INLOK™ product range includes specifically engineered RC drill rods, inner tubes and safe handling equipment. The safe handling equipment is used to install and extract inner tubes from reverse circulation drill pipe and can be used on the slips table during normal drilling operations to avoid the unnecessary handling of heavy RC drill rods that can weigh up to 170kgs each.

The INLOK™ Advantage


The improvements in safe handling are only half the story. With the Harlsan RC Drilling INLOK™ system, inner tubes are “locked” stopping them from moving or spinning inside the rod. The elimination of this movement inhibits both O-ring and urethane seal grooving of the inner tube ends, reduces wear to the inside rod shoulder and circlip breakages are virtually eliminated.

The INLOK™ safe handling equipment only requires 100psi (689.5 kPa) of rig air to operate and comes contained in a hard case with all attachments for safe operation. The Harlsan RC Drilling INLOK™ System will reduce maintenance & increase the life of your reverse circulation drill string. Call today and find out more.

RC INLOK™ Drill Rod Product Brochure

Download the Harlsan INLOK™ Reverse Circulation Product brochure for a complete overview of the features and benefits that our equipment will bring to your drill rig.

Harlsan INLOK™ RC Drill Rod Brochure.pdf (541kb)


“When choosing Harlsan reverse circulation subs and adapters we know we will get premium quality subs every time, with threads that are always “spot on”. Harlsan also have a large range of the subs we need in stock and ready for shipping.”

Leon Marsh Drilling

RC INLOK™ Drill Pipe Specifications

A Safer Way

Forget manually removing RC Inner Tubes with a sledgehammer. Install and remove them safely with the Harlsan INLOK™ System.

Installation & Extraction Kit

Harlsan INLOK™ Inner tubes are easily fitted & removed using the INLOK™ installation & extraction kit.

Thread Type & Size

Rods are available in:

  1. Remet
  2. Metzke
  3. & other threads available
  4. 4″ & 4 ½” size

Extends RC Rod Life

Locks Inner Tubes into the rod body which reduces grooving & wear resulting in longer RC Rod life.

Remove Worn Inner Tubes

Worn or collapsed Inners can be removed & replaced on the slips table during normal drilling.

No More Air Bypass

The INLOK™ system solves the problem of air bypass & circlip breakages are virtually eliminated

Australian Made Toughness

All Rods feature hardened European 4140 alloy steel tool joints.

RC INLOK™ Drill Pipe Ordering Information


From Africa through to Asia, Eastern Europe through to the UK, and Canada through to South America. We can supply you with robust and safe INLOK RC drill pipe.

For pricing, immediate supply or customised orders call us on +61 8 9021 1288.

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