Inlet and Bearing Swivels

Introduction to our Swivels

Harlsan RC Drilling Inlet & Bearing Swivels are made to the high standard demanded by the reverse circulation drilling industry. We have years of experience in precision manufacturing that ensures the quality of every Harlsan RC Swivel is built up to this uncompromising standard.

If you need a Top Inlet, Bottom Inlet or Bearing Swivel for a new or existing rig Harlsan Swivels will improve performance and reduce your downtime. Feedback from our customers is that Harlsan Swivels consistently drill longer between reseals. We have adapter flanges & plates to suit your rig.


“The Harlsan Bottom Inlet Swivel handles higher pressure and the ease of field servicing has dramatically reduced our down time. With the sealing system we are consistently drilling longer between resealing.”

Jaimie Seed; Challenge Drilling

If you are drilling deep RC holes the Harlsan 4’’ & 4 ½’’ Bottom Inlet Swivels are designed and engineered to handle the high air pressure required for these drilling operations.

Product Brochure

Download the Harlsan Inlet and Bearing Swivels Brochure Harlsan Inlet and Bearing Swivels Brochure


Ordering Information

From Africa through to Asia, Eastern Europe through to the UK, and Canada through to South America. We can supply you with robust and productive Inlet and Bearing Swivels.

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Matt Bevan

Sales Manager for Harlsan component and part manufacturing

Harley Hollier

Technical Director for manufacturing and application engineering.

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About Harley Hollier

Harley Hollier has had extensive experience in the reverse circulation drilling industry as a director of Harlsan Industries. Harley’s current industry roles incorporate the engineering, research and development of innovative reverse circulation drilling equipment and supporting customers with drilling application and solution development. He can be contacted on Ph. +61 8 9021 1288 (GMT +8 Hours) or email:
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