Hydraulic Blow Downs for RC Drilling Rigs

Clear RC drill string blockages, back flush holes, improve sample purity and clear bit face blockages with the Harlsan FLOTEC Blow Down System.

Hydraulic Blow Down System

Hydraulic Blow Down Systems are designed to eliminate the need for manual blockage clearing, reducing potential safety issues.

You don’t build a great RC drill rig hydraulic blow down system overnight. Harlsan’s FLOTEC Blow Down System represents years of development and is reflected in its reputation within the RC drilling industry today.

While manual Blow Down operations are time-consuming and can be ineffective, the Harlsan Hydraulic Blow Down System can clear RC drill string blockages, backflush holes, improve sample purity and clear bit face blockages at the flick of a switch.

Our Blown Down System is available in single port design for blow down function only or double port for blow up and blow down operation.

The FLOTEC Blow Down System


Drill more meters every day with Harlsan’s FLOTEC Blow Down System, designed & manufactured in Australia to outlive any ground conditions.

  1. Clearing ground water, rod string blockages and back flushing hole
  2. Improved sample purity
  3. Independent hydraulic actuator system
  4. Increased wear life and durability
  5. Lower cost of maintenance and extended service life cycle
  6. Threaded recesses for integrated anchor point
  7. Replaceable wear sleeves throughout
  8. Standard connections

FLOTEC Systems Product Brochure

Download the Harlsan Flotec Systems Product brochure for a complete overview of the features and benefits that our equipment will bring to your drill rig.

Harlsan FLOTEC Blow Down Brochure.pdf (262kb)


“The durability, availability of parts & ease of service keeps downtime to a minimum. We simply drill more meters with Harlsan Blow Downs on our rigs.”

Jason Howie, Operations Manager – Ranger Drilling

FLOTEC Blow Down Valve Specifications

Technical Specifications

Bore Sizes: 40, 50 and 60mm.

Coupling Types: 6” ACME to 4½” Harslan Flange to 4½” ACME

In The Field Servicing

Harlsan has a full range of parts & service kits for field servicing in any location.

    Adapt it to Your Rig

    Adapter kits to suit. Call & get the details on matching a Harlsan Blow Down to your rig for higher production.

      Complete Blow Down System

      Combine a Harlsan Blow Down, Wear Bend and Bearing Swivel package with our adapter kits for a complete above the head package

      Blow Down Rebuilds

      Keep your Blow Down operating at peak efficiency with our complete in-house rebuilds.

      Australian Made Toughness

      Designed and manufactured right here, for tough Australian conditions.

      Blow Down Ordering Information


      From Africa through to Asia, Eastern Europe through to the UK, and Canada through to South America. We can supply you with robust and productive blow down units.

      For pricing, immediate supply or customised orders call us on +61 8 9021 1288.

      Get your engineered drilling components and consumable items on time, on budget and on track with Harlsan’s manufacturing services. Call us now or request a quote.