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The demands of the Reverse Circulation Drilling Industry are constantly changing. What your client wants today is not necessarily what they will need tomorrow. To help adapt to these changes it makes sense to use a supplier that can give you practical advice on the best application of RC products.

Harlsan has 20 years experience doing just that, troubleshooting & developing innovations and product solutions to maximise drilling efficiency. You could say it’s in our DNA. In fact that’s how Harlsan started out when Harley Hollier was approached to modify and improve the design and performance of Air Core Bits.

Air Core Bits we’re still known for today.

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We believe that just because something has always been done a certain way that doesn’t mean there’s not a better way of doing it.

When it comes to troubleshooting we are there to help. There is not a single day goes by that the Harlsan staff is not talking to customers. It’s this constant communication that allows us to develop innovations, solutions and the latest RC Products to keep them drilling more efficiently and more profitably.

The Customer Enquiry to Harlsan

“We’ve just purchased a 2nd hand Drill Rig which requires a new RC Head configuration. We need to get the drill up and running within the week if possible. Can you help?”

The Harlsan Solution

Harlsan was provided access to the Drill and immediately conducted the inspection, taking all measurements and establishing each connection type required in order to provide the new configuration.

Special attention was given to the below head adaptor sub length to ensure they were suitable to meet the slips table at the base of the mast, and also clear the rod handler whilst loading new rods for drilling. Within the week, Harlsan had produced the required items, assisted with correct fitment, and the customer was out drilling successfully.

The items provided were, Saver Sub, Spindle Sub, Head Wear Tube, Above head Inlet Air Swivel & 60 degree Wear Lok Wear Bend.

Customer Testimonial

“Another quality complete RC head set up from Harlsan Industries, made super quick from scratch with limited time and access to the machine for measurements, complete from spindle, head tubes top swivel and the new 60degree deflector box all priced together perfect 👌

Another great job guys it got us on the road and drilling quickly!”

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