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Harlsan Industries specializes in supplying drilling consumables to companies across the globe.

Established in 1992, our focus is, and always has been, quality equipment and service.

If you need quality drilling equipment and you need it fast, don’t hesitate. If it’s speedy response that you need then help is at hand. You know what it means to have a rig down and we do too.


FLOTEC Blow Down System

Clear RC drill string blockages, back flush holes, improve sample purity and clear bit face blockages with the Harlsan FLOTEC Blow Down System.

INLOK System

A breakthrough RC drill rod design that combines safe handling for inner tubes with a leap forward in reverse circulation drill pipe performance.

WEARLOK Wear Bend System

Heavy duty wear bends and deflector boxes built to withstand the most abrasive reverse circulation drilling conditions.

Harlsan Interactive Tools

Custom Drill Configuration

Use our chart and form below to submit your rod spec requirements and if you need assistance you can send it through to us directly.

Single Rod Weight Calculator

Calculate your rod weight including tool joints, inner tubes and pipe.

Rod Weight by Depth Calculator

If you’re needing to calculate total rod number & string weight by depth, including tool joints, no matter what length you want your rod to be, use our rod weight calculator below.

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