Harlsan Rig Assemblies

Providing both above and below head rig assemblies for 60°, 90°, Air Core and Underground Reverse Circulation.

Harlsan’s Capacity To Assist

Whether working closely with the OEM, or directly with the end user, Harlsan has an unmatched capability of creating a cost effective and optimised configuration to suit any RC Drill Rig.

Harlsan’s in-house Engineering & Drafting team is on hand to ensure each custom rig assembly is designed & configured correctly, so that once it arrives on site, it fits directly to the drill.

60° Rig Assembly

Light, mobile, and field serviceable. The Harlsan 60° RC Drill Rig Assembly can be configured with a Harlsan WEARLOK wear bend, in both above and below head setups.

Key Benefits

  1. Easy Field Maintenance
  2. Light Weight & Robust
  3. Multi-Purpose
  4. Above & Below Head Setups
  5. Adaptable to Your Rig


90° Rig Assembly

Featuring two Harlsan WEARLOK deflector boxes, this RC drill rig assembly is perfect for those needing heavy-duty reliance.

Setups available in both above and below head.

Key Benefits

  1. Easy Field Maintenance
  2. Features Two WEARLOK Wear Bend Systems
  3. Heavy Duty & Robust
  4. Multi-Purpose
  5. Above & Below Head Setups
  6. Adaptable to Your Rig


Air Core Rig Assembly

Harlsan’s story started with quality Air Core bits and we’re still known for these in the industry.

If your Air Core rig requires a new assembly, trust in Harlsan to keep you drilling.

We’ve helped countless customers with their air core rig assemblies.



Underground RC Rig Assembly

Here at Harlsan, we have specialised and extensive experience in assisting customers with their Underground RC rig assemblies.

Key Benefits

  1. Easy Field Maintenance
  2. Light Weight & Robust
  3. Compact Setup for Underground Drilling
  4. Adaptable to Your Rig


Rig Assembly Ordering Information


From Africa through to Asia, Eastern Europe through to the UK, and Canada through to South America. We can supply you with our standard or custom above and below head rig assemblies.

For pricing, immediate supply or customised orders call us on +61 8 9021 1288.

Get your engineered drilling components and consumable items on time, on budget and on track with Harlsan’s manufacturing services. Call us now or request a quote.

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