Harlsan Innovation

Industry partnerships in research and development

Harlsan actively partners with mining and drilling companies in pursuit of improved drilling methods and technologies. At Harlsan, we understand that reliable, high-performance products cannot evolve entirely in an engineering facility without the feedback and experience of drillers.

This means that Harlsan team members spend time working with customers in the field and at production drilling sites. We are there, working with drillers and engineers on overcoming drilling problems, improving existing equipment and testing new drilling products.

Turning Experience Into Engineering Advancements

Equipped with feedback and knowledge directly amassed from field experience, our engineering team utilizes the full range of development technologies in bringing new products to market. Our research and development facilities include robotic machining systems, robotic welding cells, CAD/CAM computer systems and materials testing facilities.

This portfolio of capabilities allows us to take practical experience gleaned directly from active drilling programs and couple it with engineering excellence. The result is new and better products to enable our customers to drill further, faster and more cost-effectively.

Knowledge, Innovation and the Customer

As part of our innovation programs, we are always interested in forging partnerships with new and existing customers in developing solutions to drilling problems. Additionally, our technical team is available to customers for updates on technical product improvements and information on equipment suitability to differing drilling challenges.

We have access to a broad knowledge base on equipment applications and field problem solving to further assist customers in obtaining the best possible performance from their drilling rigs and equipment.

Harlsan Company Brochure

Download the Harslan service brochure.

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