Down The Hole Drill Rods

Our high strength DTH Drill Rods go the distance.

Down The Hole (DTH) Drill Pipe

Choose from our extensive DTH drill rod selection, tailored for demanding surface drilling. Harlsan Down the Hole rods prioritize production efficiency, incorporating durable design elements for enhanced wear resistance and seamless handling. Our engineering expertise aims to extend drill rod lifespan, ultimately reducing production costs in drill and blast initiatives. Superior thread craftsmanship and robust high tensile steel construction further bolster drill rod longevity. 

API, BECO, Cubex, DIBH and other threads available.

Australia’s Toughest DTH Drill Rods


Harlsan offers durable DTH rods, ideal for diverse mining and drilling tasks. Each product is assigned a unique ID, enabling you to monitor cost efficiency per meter drilled. Our commitment is to consistently enhance our offerings, ensuring an improved ROI for you.


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Drill Rods & Inner Tubes Specifications

Tool Joint Spanner Flats

Rods available with or without spanner flats. 2 or 4 flats as required.

Length & Size

Standard lengths from 1 to 6m, in diameters up to 127mm (5″).

Other sizes may be available upon request.

Tool Joint Material

All Rods feature hardened European 4140 alloy steel tool joints.

DTH Rod Thread Types

The most common thread types we support:

  1. API Regular
  2. API Internal Flush (IF)
  3. API Full Hole
  4. DIBH
  5. Beco
  6. Cubex

Other thread types available upon request.

Robot Welding Technology

Independently tested & certified to exceed welding standard AS3992

Australian Made Toughness

We use only the best quality materials to keep you drilling.