Air Core Bits for RC Drilling

Robust, heavy-duty tungsten carbide blades suited to a wide range of RC Drilling conditions. Built for superior cutting ability and hard band penetration.

Australia’s Toughest Air Core Drill Bits

RC Drilling can be hard on air core bits so that’s the way we make them – Hard! Harlsan Air Core Bits for RC drilling are extremely robust and feature heavy-duty tungsten carbide blades. They are built for cutting ability and hard band penetration and to withstand the shocks of high speed air core drilling. The blade design balances cutting power with an open bit face that performs powerfully in a broad range of conditions.

Harlsan Vacuum Bits are ideal to overcome face discharge drilling problems such as air loss in loose sands or fractured clays.

High Strength Air Core Bits


Drill more meters every day with Harlsan Air Core and Vacuum designed and made in Australia to outlive any ground conditions.

  1. Excellent Sample Return
  2. Tungstens Survive Tough Drilling Conditions
  3. Modifications to Suit Your Needs
  4. Wide Stock Range for Immediate Supply
  5. Proven Design with 20 Years in The Field


“I’ve used Harlsan Air Core Bits for 15 years. The tungstens survive in ground where other bits fail and I can rely on Harlsan for modifications to suit any drilling conditions.”

Eric Brown, Owner – Goldfire Drilling

Air Core Bits Specifications

Thread Types

We support the drilling industry’s most popular threads, and can even custom make one to your needs.

The most popular threads we support:

  1. Remet
  2. Metzke
  3. RRE
  4. TS
  5. And others to suit your rig

Bit Sizes

We offer a broad range of services on our Air Core bits, to match your rig set up perfectly.

  1. 75 & 78mm
  2. 3″ to 4½”
  3. Options for oversize shells & heads

Options & Configurations

We’re known for our quality bits. You might not have known about our ability to customise for you.

  1. Air Core & Vacuum Bits
  2. 2,3 and 4 blade types
  3. Specialised wing bits also available

Australian Made Toughness

Harlsan Air Core & Vacuum Bits feature heavy duty tungsten carbide blades and are Australian Made to keep your drilling!

Air Core Bits Ordering Information


From Africa through to Asia, Eastern Europe through to the UK, and Canada through to South America. We can supply you with robust and productive air core drill bits.

For pricing, immediate supply or customised orders call us on +61 8 9021 1288.

Get your engineered drilling components and consumable items on time, on budget and on track with Harlsan’s manufacturing services. Call us now or request a quote.