Australian-owned industry leader Harlsan lifts the veil on the people behind the products: Meet Jorden Hooks, a young talent who is proud to be working for an Australian company with such extensive global reach. 

Seven years ago, Jorden Hooks joined Harlsan, straight out of school. He has not only forged a promising career in that short time, but also secured his spot in an exceptional team, where he feels he can make a difference every day.

Jorden Hooks, family-man and rising star at Harlsan

Jorden is a family man based in Kalgoorlie, where he coaches footy in the community for young adults and enjoys playing the sport himself for a local footy club. He’s managed to strike a healthy work-life balance, dedicating time to his passions while advancing his career at acclaimed Aussie manufacturer, Harlsan Industries, a leading supplier of premium drilling consumables.

Why Harlsan? Well, it was partly good timing coupled with a glimpse into possibilities he hadn’t considered before. As with many industries, RC Drilling has many facets and sometimes the exciting job opportunities are hidden behind broad terms like production, manufacturing and logistics. Fortunately for Jorden, our Production Manager, Mat, was on hand to show him the possibilities. “I’ve known Mat all my life, he played footy with my dad, so I had a look at Harlsan and ended up starting the next week”.

Jorden is committed to playing and coaching community footy

Recruited as a trade assistant, Jorden’s eagerness to learn and sharp acumen propelled him into an apprenticeship. He transitioned from manual labour to operating various types of machinery and is now responsible for complex tasks with large equipment. He acquired valuable technical skills and, “Being a part of a team and working with five others each day is exciting. We make things together, each doing a different component, then bring things together to optimise the process.” It’s this collaboration that sets our teams apart.

Jorden honed his machinery skills during his apprenticeship.

Today, Jorden runs the multi-axis CNC system and also helps out with other machines. He credits his changing roles for teaching the importance of shifting focus and moving quickly on to the next task. “It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. Lately, we have been rotating responsibilities on more components and it’s important to communicate with people in the team to maximise the hours we have. We have to know what everyone is managing throughout the day and be flexible. Anticipating when you might need to step in is definitely an important skill within the team.


This level of interaction fosters a deep sense of camaraderie, something which Jorden finds greatly satisfying: “I enjoy working together and the way we help each other to do things”. He adds that one of the best things about working in this company is, “having trust in the others and knowing you can rely on your team-mates”.

Harlsan is a reputable Australian company with tremendous global reach – something which resonates with our customers as well as our people: “Having the brand local-made instils a sense of pride. It feels good that we are part of an Australian company sending products right around the world”.


Even though his role is not customer-facing, Jorden understands that the work he does contributes directly to their success, “knowing that they are getting quality gear and that they can trust the Harlsan brand”. Jorden believes in making a difference to the company every day by “trying to be the best I can be each day – day in and day out – just having a crack at things”.

It is this level of determination and commitment that Harlsan’s Director, Harley Hollier, believes is the backbone of Harlsan‘s reputation:

“It’s the high calibre of our people that drives the exceptional quality of our products and services.”

Our customers certainly agree. When surveyed about why they keep choosing Harlsan, our exceptional products and service consistently top the polls. At Harlsan, we value individuals. Getting to know more about Jorden and what motivates him has been a pleasure. “My motto is, ‘don’t shy away from anything – be confident and have a crack’” – something he imparts to his three young daughters, who he views as his greatest achievement. Asked which person he admires most, Jorden cites his favourite sportsman, Michael Jordan, but quickly adds that, “closer to home, it is definitely my old man. I admire how he has gone through everything I’ve come through”.

Life has happened pretty quickly for Jorden, from school to work and having a young family. He remains focused, committed and ambitious, “whether it’s to move upwards through the ranks or to become even better at what I do”.

At the workshop, with his kids or on the footy field coaching young teams, Jorden sets a great example of how to seize opportunities and to muster the courage to excel at new things.