Look for quality and experience when purchasing a new RC drill string

There is no substitute for quality and experience in RC drilling consumables.

Choosing a supplier with extensive industry knowledge and a proven track record will save you time and money.


    The cost of purchasing a new RC (Reverse Circulation) Drill-string is high so it’s imperative to get it set up correctly from the start. An experienced manufacturer can give you the practical advice that allows you to achieve this and avoid costly mistakes that impact on your rigs future performance.

    The benefit of industry knowledge and experience

    Harlsan provides advice on setting up drill-strings for new or existing RC rigs. Our product information and detailed drill-string drawings give an accurate picture of the various drill-string options. This allows you to talk to Harlsan staff and discuss these options before making any decisions. There are options between conventional RC drill rods or INLOK RC drill rods and inner iubes. INLOK drill rods have been adopted by numerous Harlsan customers and provide significant efficiency and safety benefits.

    How Australian made quality pays off in the long run

    Because RC consumables are subjected to high wear rates buying premium quality consumables saves dollars in the long run. Our manufacturing utilises the latest CNC equipment that has a high degree of machining accuracy not always found in all RC consumables. As an example we have a customer who purchased cheaper options for RC drill-strings. Those “cheaper” products proved to be anything but and they have had ongoing issues that have resulted in significant lost production. The customer came to us and we have worked with them (including a site visit to South East Asia) to resolve the issues and get the rigs up and running to their full capacity. In this case the initial cost saving of the consumable purchase is long lost by the lack of production associated with those rigs.

    Harlsan’s logistical experience

    Getting the correct parts to your rig is critical. Harlsan has vast logistical experience gained from years of shipping our products across Australia and internationally.

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