RC Drilling Equipment from Harlsan

Laser focus on keeping customer’s drilling.

Have you had a driller or friend recommend Harlsan’s as a great supplier of reverse circulation drilling rods and equipment? We all know that trusted recommendations are valuable advice so if running a productive and efficient drill rig is important to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we can help.

Why do our customers refer us?

  • It’s the service experience,
  • It’s the great equipment, and
  • It’s the value in quality.

The Harlsan Quality Advantage

It’s because of our laser beam focus on keeping our customers drilling and that’s what makes the difference.

Drillers that make the shift to Harlsan equipment look back with a sense of relief. Gone are the days of a supplier that was ok but only just ok. Gone are the promises of delivery within two weeks when they were always going to take five. Gone are the countless phone calls chasing up your orders.

Better gear, better value, better service. That’s our core philosophy and that’s why we will keep you drilling. Make the switch today. Our experienced staff will make the transition economical and hassle free. Contact us any time.

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