Are urethane seals really that much better compared to O-rings?

Hard wearing urethane seals give significant production benefits & cost savings over the O-Ring system in RC drill strings and are fast becoming the standard for RC Drilling. Urethane seals in drill string applications result in improved sealing that lasts longer, holds air pressure better & lowers on-going maintenance on RC drill rigs.

At Harlsan’s we can make it easy and cheap to transition into urethane seals with Harlsan retro fitted Inner Tubes. Importantly there’s no need to buy a new drill-string as Harlsan Retro inner tubes will integrate into your RC drill rigs rod string, from as little as one inner tube at a time. Just replace your inner tubes as they wear out until you have a complete urethane seal rod string. Alternatively we can fit your complete RC drill rods with urathane seals for a complete transition to the new standard in sealing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with implementation of urethane seals.

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