Effectively Using Air Core Bits When Cutting Through Hard Strata Bands

Introduction – Air Core Bits and Hard Bands of Strata

The efficiency of an air core drilling program in certain ground strata can be improved with the right equipment and people. In some instances the drilling can be carried out with a faster drilling rate by using an air core bit. The alternate is resorting to more durable hammer bits which can be a slower although more robust solution.

The First Step: Air Core Bit Quality

The first step is ensuring the use of high strength, high quality air core bits. A quality air core bit will have shock resistance built into the blade and shell design. Additionally the materials used in the manufacturing process will further fortify the strength of the air core bit in situations of higher stress such as a quartz band. These features combined give the necessary structural fundamentals required for hard band penetration stresses outside of those normally encountered in an air core drilling program.

The Second Step: A Responsible Rig Operator

The second important element is people. A high quality air core drilling bit is only half of the story. A competent driller with the appropriate experience will be sensitive to the dynamics of quartz band penetration and control the drilling process to protect the air core bit. By matching drill string control to the changing ground strata the driller can mitigate shocks and variations that might contribute to the failure of the air core bit.

Assistance with Air Core Programs and Equipment

At Harlsan’s we are highly experienced at supporting drilling companies in getting the best outcomes and efficiencies from from their air core drilling programs. For advice and assistance in setting up for air core drilling, sourcing the equipment required or troubleshooting guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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