Harlsan makes Purchasing easy

Harlsan PurchasingYou want a supplier who gets it right, who can give help and advice on product selection if you want it, who makes reordering simple, quick and easy. You’ve been told that Harlsan’s knowledgeable staff and customer support systems take the hassle and complication out of purchasing quality reverse circulation drilling equipment and consumables. Find out first hand by making the switch to Harlsan’s today.

Purchasing BitsWe understand the challenges you face every day in resupplying working rigs in the field – it’s not easy and communication from drilling rigs can be lacking. Through experience with customers like you, we have developed purchasing support systems to fill in the information gaps. We make sure we can guide you on ordering the right new products or exactly match replacement products from order history or application.

Our focus on customer service is coupled with a technologically leading edge range of cost effective and quality products. We will raise the standard in what you can expect from a supplier.

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