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Harlsan Application Advice

Harlsan Application Advice

The demands of the Reverse Circulation Drilling Industry are constantly changing. What your client wants today is not necessarily what they will need tomorrow. To help adapt to these changes it makes sense to use a supplier that can give you practical advice on the best application of RC products.

Harlsan has 20 years experience doing just that, troubleshooting & developing innovations and product solutions to maximise drilling efficiency. You could say it’s in our DNA. In fact that’s how Harlsan started out when Harley Hollier was approached to modify and improve the design and performance of Air Core Bits.

It was the satisfaction that Harley gained in the hands on approach to designing, manufacturing and testing those first Air Core Bits that is at the core of Harlsan’s success. At Harlsan we believe that just because something has always been done a certain way that doesn’t mean there’s not a better way of doing it.

When it comes to troubleshooting we are there to help. There is not a single day goes by that the Harlsan staff are not talking to customers. It’s this constant communication that allows us to to develop innovations, solutions and the latest RC Products to keep them drilling more efficiently and more profitably.

You have an on-site or exploration drilling program using a reverse circulation drill system?

Here we cover how to order the right reverse circulation (RC) drill rods or drill pipe for your drilling program.

Harlsan Expert Assist ServiceWhen placing an order there are certain specifications that the customer can supply to help us identify the best products to meet your drilling requirements and operational standards.

Below is an example of useful customer supplied information that will assist us in supplying you the best equipment;

The customer enquiry to Harlsan:

“We are currently running an RC Programme drilling in hard ground with a target hole depth of 250m. The existing rods we have are 4 ½ inch in diameter and the rod lengths are 6 metre. For the new rods we are interested in reducing wear and increasing the service life of our equipment. Quick supply lead times are important to us as well.. Can you please advise price and availability of the products you can provide?”


Purchasing officer/Driller/Rig Owner

If you’re unsure of what equipment is best suited to your drilling program we can assist with detailed information and support on our product range to help identify your requirements. From the customer side, usually the manager of the drilling program will have access to the drilling information useful in making the right choices. This can include the type of drilling assessment being done, the timeline and scheduling of the program, current equipment being used, the target hole depth, drilling techniques being used and the drilling environment and strata.

More about RC Drill Rods

RC Drill rods are manufactured in different lengths depending on the rig type and the size of the existing equipment and the application. For example, in underground RC drilling it’s very common to have much shorter rods than are used above ground due to the clear handling constrains in underground conditions. The most common drill rod lengths are 3 metres or 6 metres however we will manufacture drill rods to the exact length that you require.

The thread on the rod or pipe tool joint is another important factor. Different threads have different benefits in terms of useability, durability and wear resistance. At Harlsan we manufacture many different thread types suited for RC and Air Core Drilling in all types of ground from soft formations to hard rock. We can assist you by providing the thread type you currently use or advice on alternative thread types likely to improve equipment cycle life and wear resistance.

Another important factor in choosing drill rods is the actual rod diameter. To ensure you have the correct measurements when ordering Drill Rods, the diameter required is the outside diameter of the pipe, and the length of the rod is measured from effective shoulder length to the tool joint shoulder (the length of the entire rod, excluding the pin end thread section). The situations that affect customer choices on rod diameter are the same as those mentioned earlier in this article and we can provide assistance with choices on rod diameter if required.

Other specialised drill rod considerations

As well as high tensile standard steel rods, there are other rod types to consider;

  • Stainless Steel – 316 grade, primarily used for down hole survey and have a completely non-magnetic mid body with 4140 connections
  • Stabiliser Rods – large diameter heavy walled rods used for stabilising the drill string and used in conjunction with Spiral Subs
  • Restrictor Rods – Restricted inner tubes used when water is met
  • Starter Rods – to make up lengths

There are additional options relating to Inner Tube configuration. Choices on either seal or o-rings inner tube design or advanced inner tube systems like the Harlsan Inlok system.


Very specific client requirements can influence the product you need, depending on budgets, the strata, drilling machinery and the stage of the exploration project. The drilling environment and the gear you’re currently using also factors into the considerations covered when manufacturing RC Rods and determine the various rod lengths, industry standard threads, rod diameters and inner tube configurations. Making the wrong choices can be expensive and our expert team can help you specify your equipment requirements to achieve the best outcome.

Please note: The Harlsan drill rod and drill pipe range also includes conventional drilling rods which include API, RAB & Cubex types of rods.

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