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Long lasting, wear resistant Australian manufactured drill pipe available for delivery now.

Harlsan – Drilling Consumables Suppliers Australia


Sourcing high-quality drilling equipment from a global marketplace has become a valuable way to improve drill rig productivity and efficiency. At Harlsan we ensure that international orders are handled professionally and expedited to minimise delivery lead times.

We work expertly and one-on-one with your purchasing staff to ensure a seamless, global shipping experience that meets your needs.

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Harlsan Industries has been a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality reverse circulation drilling equipment since 1992. During that 20 year journey, we have gained a reputation as an industry leader with a proven history of working directly with RC drillers to solve drilling problems and supply premium drilling consumables that keep them drilling.

Our product range spans both reverse circulation drilling and, drill and blast operations. We can supply stock or made to order drill pipe, inner tubes, inlet swivels, hydraulic blow downs, wear bends/deflector boxes, subs, hammer tubes, air core bits, drag bits, hose tails, cubex rods and other drilling consumables.

Harlsan utilises refined, field tested engineering and design, premium quality European steels, state of the art robot manufacturing and integrated customer support systems to deliver the right gear, to the right place, on time. Harlsan drilling products are shipped throughout Australia and exported to drilling companies across the globe.

From Africa through to Asia, Eastern Europe through to the UK and Canada through to South America. We can quickly supply you with robust and productive RC drill rods, drill pipe and other drilling consumables.


“I’ve used Harlsan Air Core Bits for 15 years. The tungsten’s survive in ground where other bits fail and I can rely on Harlsan for modifications to suit any drilling conditions.”

Eric Brown, Owner – Goldfire Drilling