Every bit counts.

Harlsan Air Core Bits Keep You Drilling

+ Suberb sample return

Proven design over 20 years in the field

+ Effective and robust even in the toughest drilling conditions

Robust and Reliable


Harlsan Air Core Bits for RC drilling feature heavy-duty tungsten carbide blades and are built for cutting ability and hard band penetration and withstand the shocks of high speed air core drilling.

Productivity Impact:

  • more metres drilled every day 
  • sample return increase
  • modified to suit your needs
  • immediate supply
  • wide stock range
  • reduced down-time

Quick Specs:

The blade design balances cutting power with an open bit face that performs powerfully in a broad range of conditions. 

Thread Types

We can custom make one to suit your rig and we already support the drilling industry’s most popular threads: -Remet  -Metzke  -RRE  –TS

Bit Sizes – 75mm    -78mm    – 3″ to 4½”    – options for oversize shells & heads.


Options & Configurations:  

We’re known for exceptional quality
and can also customise:
– Air Core & Vacuum Bits
– 2,3 and 4 blade types
– Specialised wing bits




Harlsan Vacuum Bits are ideal for overcoming
face discharge drilling problems such as air loss
in loose sands or fractured clays.