Air Core Drilling System for Drill Rigs

A Complete Air Core Drilling System


The Harlsan air core drilling system contains all of the equipment required to have your rig fitted out for air core drilling. The air core drilling equipment has been proven in leading-edge applications within Australia and has been installed internationally on many rigs.  We can help you make the right choices and get the best system for your rig.

Australia’s Best Air Core Drill Bits

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Bearing Swivel for Reverse Circulation Drilling Drill Rods for Reverse Circulation Drilling Hose Tails & Knock-on Nuts for Reverse Circulation RC Drilling

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Your Key Contacts

Matt Bevan, Sales Manager for Harlsan

Matt Bevan

Sales Manager for Harlsan component and part manufacturing

Harley Hollier, Technical Director

Harley Hollier

Technical Director for manufacturing and application engineering.

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