Inner Tubes for RC Drilling

Introduction to our RC Inner Tubes

Harlsan reverse circulation inner tubes for RC Drilling feature material and design advances to increase wear resistance and extend drill string life. To extend component life all inner tube components are manufactured from hardened alloy steels. The focus on wear resistance means your RC drill rig is drilling for longer with lower drilling consumable cost rates. Additionally, inner tube couplings are engineered to elevate coupling life cycles beyond that of standard designs.

Product Brochure

Download the Harlsan Inner Tubes for RC Drilling Brochure Harlsan Inner Tubes for RC Drilling Brochure


Ordering Information

Ordering your RC Drilling inner tubes through Harlsan’s is easy. We issue part numbers for all drill string components to make reordering a breeze and hold many items in stock for instant dispatch. From Africa through to Asia, Eastern Europe through to the UK, and Canada through to South America. Contact us any time to discuss your RC drill rod inner tube requirements.

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Call (08) 9021 1288 (+61 8 9021 1288 international).

Get your engineering component and part supply requirements on time, on budget and on track with Harlsan manufacturing services. Call us now and request for a quote.

Your Key Contacts

Matt Bevan

Sales Manager for Harlsan component and part manufacturing

Harley Hollier

Technical Director for manufacturing and application engineering.

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About Harley Hollier

Harley Hollier has had extensive experience in the reverse circulation drilling industry as a director of Harlsan Industries. Harley’s current industry roles incorporate the engineering, research and development of innovative reverse circulation drilling equipment and supporting customers with drilling application and solution development. He can be contacted on Ph. +61 8 9021 1288 (GMT +8 Hours) or email:
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